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Community Connection

Our mission is to empower our mental health community through wellness, meaningful activity, and community connection. We are a family of mental health consumers, advocates and providers who break the stigma of mental illness by not allowing a diagnosis to define potential, and by taking an active role in making a difference in the community. At the heart of all of our programs is one core belief: that by engaging individuals in meaningful activities that match their interests and talents, people move from self-identifying as a diagnosis to a positive self-identity. Every dollar raised will go directly towards our clients and programs, including a) funding physical and nutritional health education and activities, which address the known health disparities in persons living with a mental health diagnosis; b) targeted outreach efforts that are aimed at engaging young adults in meaningful activities as a way to prevent or minimize future mental health crisis; c) funding activities that support family building through community engagement and family bonding time; and d) funding client requested projects, events, and program supplies.

300 Harvey West Blvd
Santa Cruz, CA 95060