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Every Day a Gift

Every Day a Gift works with terminally diagnosed patients with the goal of helping them to overcome their fears about the end of life, so they can focus on living. We come alongside our clients and their extended family and friends to help them understand their diagnosis/prognosis, advocate for all available financial, medical, psycho/social resources and services available to them. We provide counseling and promote the healing and restoration of relationships that need mending, and encourage and empower our clients to take control of what is left of their life; giving them a chance, with thoughtful planning, to write the end to their own story. We do this all free of charge. We are a 501C3 nonprofit and exist because of benevolent donors who share our vision, donations from grateful family members, and grants. Every Day a Gift recognizes that a person’s world is turned upside down the moment they receive their diagnosis, and that they need support and resources right then. Studies have proven that patients have fewer doctor visits, fewer trips to the Emergency Room, lower medical costs, and actually live longer with the type of support we provide. Hospice differs from us in this area. Hospice only take on cases where the client has less than six months to live and has stopped all curative measures. They are a wonderful partner however, and provide excellent at home nursing care when a client becomes more critical. Together, we can change our community. We can meet the needs of hurting families. Together we can change people’s perception of terminal diagnosis. It doesn’t have to mean pain and fear, rather it can be an opportunity to make “every day a gift” and an invitation to “end life well”. In addition, beginning summer of 2017 Every Day a Gift will begin offering Art Therapy Classes for grieving children, teens, and adults. Email [email protected] for more informatio

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