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Heading Home Animal Rescue

Heading Home Animal Rescue is a local focused animal rescue group that serves shelter animals in need in both Santa Cruz & Monterey Counties. We are an all volunteer run organization, so your support goes DIRECTLY to help animals in your own community. We partner year round with local animal shelters to provide a life saving safety net for animals that otherwise may not be adoptable. These animals may be unadoptable at shelters because they are unsocial, injured, ill, or too young. That's where we step in to offer our support to this vulnerable group of animals and together we create life saving opportunities. In 2016 we rescued and adopted out over 700 animals. We were the #1 rescue placement partner with Santa Cruz County Animal Services assisting over 400 animals at this shelter alone. Thank you for your support!

PO Box 2852
Aptos, CA 95001