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Monarch Community School Parent Board

Monarch Community School is Santa Cruz City School District's only public K-5 alternative elementary school. Monarch is founded on child-centered, individualized learning in a small, community-oriented environment in which parent participation and positive discipline play a major role. We believe that for a school to operate effectively, its staff, parents, and students need to have a shared educational philosophy. We believe that learning is a lifelong process, that we are all learners, (students, teachers, and parents alike), and that there are developmental stages of social and academic maturity. People learn best from hands-on experiences both individually and in multi-age groups. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we must feel safe and cared for in order to develop to our fullest potential. Monarch students are expressive communicators and creative problem solvers who are willing to take risks. Students develop a strong social consciousness that manifests in real social action.

840 North Branciforte Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95062