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UnChained teaches at-risk youth how to train homeless dogs in basic skills, manners and socialization, helping the dogs be adopted into permanent homes. Youth develop core values of patience, respect and responsibility through care-giving and relationship-building with their dogs. Training homeless dogs who share similar experiences of neglect, abandonment or abuse enables participants to feel empathy and compassion for others, while improving their own sense of self-worth. Youth Trainers report pride in their accomplishments, increased patience and comfort in being themselves. By giving dogs a second chance at a better life, Youth Trainers thrive in their own social and emotional growth by contributing to their community. This creates a ripple effect for our communities: when youth are part of resolving a community problem, such as finding homeless animals homes, they experience a sense of purpose and belonging. Youth Trainers, who are often from under-served communities affected by violence, take their skills, empathy and hope back to their peers and families. The new-found confidence enables them to become a more contributing member of their family, school and community.

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