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Watsonville Taiko

Taiko is characterized as the movement of energy and for nearly 27 years Watsonville Taiko has been an energetic part of the local arts, cultural, and music education scene. The group supports the community by drumming at over thirty events a year and providing classes and workshops for children, seniors and everyone in between. We explore the ever-evolving art form of Taiko and seek to understand cultural traditions in order to create meaningful modern artistic performances and experiences for the entire community. Just as individuals practicing Taiko learn to find their place and value connection, the group collaborates with other arts groups and performs at various festivals and events to support schools and organizations in the greater community. Your support will help us move forward with creating new expressions of Taiko to inspire and heal both individuals and our community such as our 27th Anniversary Performance at the Cabrillo Crocker Theater on April 7 & 8.

P.O. Box 1673
Watsonville, CA 95077-1673